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Comprehensive Financial Advisory

Altam offers integrated and high end Infrastructure and Structured Financial Advisory Services that comprise the following sub categories;

1. Integrated Financial advisory offered to project sponsors and developers of infrastructure projects comprising a gamut of in depth services: advanced financial modeling,review of underlying Concession frames,drafting the financial sections for bid documentation and submission,transaction structuring,equity capital raising,financing strategy and plans,securing and raising the supporting project finance debt facilities,consulting on EPC and O&M terms and conditions,advising on Insurance and Guarantees issues etc. These services are provided mostly in conjunction with Private Partnerships (PPP) schemes and Design & Build bids.

2. Advising Institutional Investors,PE Investment groups, Family Offices and Financial Investors on the allocation and deployment of Investment capital to Alternative Assets extending their financing resources earmarked to the Infrastructure arena through equity, mezzanine or senior debt products and achieve targeted returns.

3. Corporate Finance advisory services mainly geared to the acquisition and/or financing of infrastructure assets, utilities etc

4. Capital raising for innovative–high tech startup companies that are active in and linked to  advanced Infrastructure sectors and applications such as Cleantech, Green Energy, Smart Energy ,Innovative Transport related systems etc.


Strategic Advisory

Altam goal is to provide its clients with turn-key and integrative solutions to the challenges and investments that large scale infrastructure projects represent :Preliminary evaluation of  the project's /transaction bankability, recomended competitive approach,optimal financial structure,choice and introduction of partners,policy and regulatory aspects,country risk and insurance coverage directions are some of the differentiated strategic services that we provide to support the clients in their decision making process and in adopting realisitc views   and develop a competitive positioning .

These services are particulary adept when entering emerging countries with less stabilized and evolving regulatory frame , scarcity of long-term sources of finance and higher investment and geo politcal risks.


Market Penetration & Business Development for International Groups

Altam provides business development services especially to International EPC Contractors, Concession Developers and Infrastructure Operators wishing to exploit business opportunities in the growing and advanced Israeli market and occasionally into several other selective emerging markets mainly in CEE, CIS, Africa and South East Asia regions.
Altam proposes customized services aimed to support their business penetration into Israel and such other markets, establishment of viable Joint Ventures with local partners,devising a competitive positioning in public tenders and the provision of ongoing managerial support for the successful execution of the awarded projects .

In relation to market penetration advice and competitive bidding processes and monitoring during Project's execution phase Altam offers:

  • Identifying and investigating applicable tenders and projects;

  • Identifying and introducing local candidate partner/s with the prime objective of establishing either a strategic JV or an ad hoc project alliance;

  • Assisting in negotiations with chosen local partner/s, developing the JV agreement/s,devise adequate allocation of risks and responsibilities and safeguarding Client's commercial interests in such JV;

  • Refer and monitor the work of other experts and consultants (e.g. local law firm, insurance advisor, tax & accounting)

  • Preparing feasibility assessment,analytical and risk analysis reports pertaining to the biding context;

  • Assisting in PQ process, gathering market intelligence and developing a competitive posture for RFP;

  • Assist in Bid submission process;

  • Act as main liaison platform and handle communication and negotiations with Public sector Authorities, high political circles etc;

  • Assisting with respect to the selection and monitoring of local sub contractors;

  • Advising during commercial negotiations (upon contract's award) on critical commercial and financial issues such as costs, indexation mechanisms /factors, risk mitigation solutions (currency, interest, geo political),Concession Terms ,performance and completion Guarantees, LD' level etc;

  • Preparing financing plans and helping  in mobilizing local financial support for working capital and performance guarantee facilities in the domestic banking & capital market;

  • Accompanying Post Financial Closing 

  • Assisting and carrying out any commercial development activities that will expand  the  positioning of the Client in the respective EPC Construction and/or PPP Concession based markets ;

  • Assume Board Member position in local project entities/subsidiaries


Real Estate Services

 Altam's expertise and knowledge is often leveraged in connecion with large development projects and the acquisition of real estate portfolios and  major properties and also for assets-buildings developed under PFI and DBOT schems of a social nature like students accomodations,large Parkings ,Governmental office buildings and compounds,MOD training campuses etc.The particular range of services typically encompasses the following activities:

  • Conduct valuations ,bankability and preliminary feasibility  assessments and risks analysis 

  • Develop the financial model,cash flow projections and sensitivities scenarios 

  • Devise  and structure the supporting Financial plan

  • Raise project finance debt 

  • Identify and Introduce equity investors and strategic partners 

  • Devise shareholders distribution schemes 

  • Study and tailor various risk coverage programs

  • Financial Closing 

  • Post Transaction closing support  

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