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Value Proposition & Focus  

Altam Capital provides a valuable combination of Professional Financial services and Business Development activities from initial concept through transaction close mainly earmarked  to Infrastructure Projects and large scale mixed Real Estate projects.

Altam Capital Experience in the Infrastructure area covers Transportation (Roads & Railways , LRT Systems ,Ports, Airports) Energy,Natural Gas,Water & Waste Treatment, Environment,Telecom,Media and Social Infrastructure projects (e.g. Governemnts office  buidlings, students dormitories ,hospitals ,court houses ,training & vocational campuses).

In this context, Altam's  specializes mainly in PPP oriented projects,Design & Build bids,cross-border acquisitions of Infrastructure related companies and assets and promoting Green Field development projects.


In the Real Estate sector Altam Capital is particularily geared to large scale complex and multi usage Real Estate projects (Office buildings ,Shopping Centers, Tourism & Hospitality facilities,Logistics ) and to PFI oriented projects & compounds that are generally  promoted by the Public Sector.


Leveraging on these capabilities and expereince Altam Capital also represents and provides comprehensive Business Development services for multinational EPC groups as well as PE Infrastructure Investment companies  expanding into selective markets and especially to parties that wish to enter into the Israeli market. Its diversified clients list in these directions comprises Project Sponsors and Developers, major EPC Contractors,Concession Groups,Operators of Concession based assets, PE Infrastructure Funds and other International institutional Investors that are and/or wish to be engaged in the ownwership and/or development of Infrastructure and large scale real estate assets.


Our Value proposition in providing comprehensive financial advisory and professional value added services carried out in connection with PPP bids and large scale development projects :

  • Origination and preliminary analysis of the business opportunity and the competitive context

  • Search for local JV partner/s 

  • Interacting  with Public Sector entities

  • Analysing and commenting on the Tender and Concession Agreement and/or on any other relevant regulatory framework and pertinent bidding documentation

  • Building  a comprehensive financial model and associated  Business Plan 

  • Developing  the financial strategy and derived financing plan

  • Risk & Sensitivities analysis

  • Devise a winning bidding strategy and bidding tactics 

  • Assisting throughout bid submission phase

  • Negotiations with lenders to secure debt financing and other facilities (e.g. bank guarantees, insurance schemes)

  • Assistance concerning commercial and contractual documentation 

  • Transaction management and Financial closing

  • Monitoring services throughout the project's execution period

The Road to succes is always Under Construction
but a good financial advisor can make it happen

Ishay Erel 

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