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Altam Capital is a high level boutique Investment banking firm based in Israel that focuses on  two synergetic poles of value creation advisory services:

  • It designs,structures,implements and mobilizes various types of finance for large scale & complex projects and transactions predonimately in the Infrastrcuture,Energy and Real Estate sectors.

  • Business development and local representation services for Internatioanl EPC's and PE Infrastrcuture Investors in support of  their strategic entrance to the Israeli and into other selective markets and/or participation in specific tenders. 

Altam Capital offers a substantial and diverse expertise,global experience and recognized value added especially in PPP -Public-Private-Partnerships schemes and in advising on competitive bidding processes involving large developments and construction projects and/or the acquistion of Infrastrcuture and/or Real Estate assets.

Altam Capital advises both Private Sector clients and the Public Sector. 

Altam Capital was established by Ishay Erel,a seasoned professional and an experienced business manager involved in  the Infrastructure & Energy sectors and large scale mixed Real Estate development projects putting a strong emphasis on creativity, integrated financial advisory capabilities,financial engineering approach,and substantial experience in PPP (BOT/PFI) schemes.

The firm is capitalizing on its proven track record and international network and savvy and has specialized in pursuing cross-border transactions and projects.It has consequently established a business network and alliances in many overseas countries including the Mediteranean region,Russia, CIS, The Baltic, India, Italy, UK, Spain, France, Germany and several other OECD countries.

Altam Capital has successfully represented and collaborated with International EPC Contractors,Concession Development groups, leading Operators,Global Engineering companies and special Consulting firms related to the Infrastructure arena.

It has partnered on multiple occasions with project finance teams of leading international banking groups and International financial advisory platforms  and also with technical consulting firms in order to render joint services in pursuing various development projects and deals.

The company's capabilities also stretch to capital raising for innovative–high tech startup companies that are active in advanced technologies applied in various Infrastructure sectors and assets such as Cleantech, Green Energy, Smart Energy ,Innovative Transport related systems.

Altam Capital enlarged team in Israel comprises very senior experts that work as associated advisors and project managers and thereby complement its competence base. 
Altam offers to its diverse clients high end financial and integrated professional advisory services as well as business development expertise, value creation and managerial support focusing  on the infrastructure sector and real estate sectors. It provides deal sourcing,financial modeling, risk analysis, transaction structuring, equity capital and debt finance raising, asset management, ongoing monitoring and management services.

Ishay Erel
Founder and CEO

Ishay Erel is a seasoned professional and Business Manager representing  more than 25 years of divesified experience and track record gained in Israel and in numerous international markets. Ishay has been  involved in Infrastructure projects and bids representing more than USD 9Bn in value and in more than USD 1Bn of transactions in the real estate sector.

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